Appraisal Service Fees

Appraisal Services and Related Fees

The fees indicated below are based upon the work necessary to provide a standard appraisal report. Conditions that go beyond the standard appraisal report format may be subject to additional fees.

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Full Appraisal (Divorce, Estate, Bankruptcy, Tax Appeal, etc.)$525
Automotive Appraisal$225
Full Interior - Lending$600
2 Unit Dwelling$700
3 Unit Dwelling$800
4 Unit Dwelling$900
Exterior Inspection - Lending$550
Manufactured Home Appraisal - Lending$750
Certificate of Completion$150
Recertification of Value/Appraisal Update$250
Condominium Interior Appraisal - Lending$600
Condominium Exterior Appraisal - Lending$550
One Unit Residential Review$650
2 to 4 Unit Residential Review$850
Enhanced Review$1000
Construction Draw$150
Desk Review - 2 to 4 Unit$450
ERC Appraisals$725
New Construction - Lending$525
REO Appraisal - 1 Unit$600
Single Income Property (Includes Rent Schedule and Operating Income Statement)$725
Vacant Land / Land ValueCall for Quote
FHA Fee (Add to Appraisal Fee)$125
Dwelling Sketches$150
Commercial Appraisal (Mechanic shop, tire shop, small office, etc.)$2500
Cash Discount$25 off


All fees are based on a typical scope of work for non-complex properties. If the property has complexities (size, lot size, location, distance etc.) the fee may be higher than cited. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation Policy

Any appraisal order submitted must be canceled with in 24 hrs. of order, and before inspection is scheduled to be eligible for a full refund. Once inspection is completed the full agreed fee is due regardless if the order is canceled. No exceptions to this policy.

Credit Card Policy

We accept all major credit cards by telephone. Additional fees may apply.

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