Commercial Property Appraisers

Commecial Property Appraisers

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We produce comprehensive property valuations for a wide range of clients including:

National and Regional Lenders
Legal Specialists
Buyers and Sellers

We appraise:

Office Buildings
Apartment Buildings
Religious Properties
Retail & Shopping Centers
Industrial Warehouses
Gas Stations & Convenience Stores
Vacant Land

How A Commercial Appraisal Helps to Make Sound Financial Decisions

Getting an accurate commercial building appraisal and analysis is a must for good real estate decision making. This is especially true in today’s turbulent real estate marketplace.

We produce comprehensive property valuations for a wide range of clients including:

  • National and Regional Lenders
  • Legal Specialists
  • Brokers
  • Buyers and Sellers
  • Municipalities

Commercial Appraisals vs Residential Valuation

Complexity is the biggest difference

The square footage of a house is typically quite a bit smaller than the square footage of an office building. Commercial buildings have more rooms and ground to cover than a home.

Historical Details

Additionally, a commercial property may have changed hands many times.

This means that there are more data and details to go through. A commercial appraiser spends a lot of time researching the building’s history to make an accurate report.

Comparable Properties

Comparables present another difference and challenge. Homes have many comparables just within the same neighborhood.

Most commercial buildings are unique. Comparables may not be readily available. This adds to the complexity of the report.

Both types of appraisals require different types of documentation and forms as well. The forms required in a commercial real estate appraisal require more details and narrative.

The forms for a residential appraisal can be between 10-15 pages, while a commercial building appraisal can be anywhere from 50 to 100 pages long.

Commercial Appraisal Fees

Because of the complexity and time, commercial valuations do cost more. Keep that in mind as you consider evaluating your commercial property.

You can see a listing of our fees. This chart will help you to determine which services you’ll need for your appraisal.

Our Appraisal Services

We provide commercial property appraisals in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas on all commercial buildings. Commercial property or commercial real estate consists of any building used for business purposes.

Certain pieces of land could be considered commercial property if it generates a profit.

Examples of commercial properties include:

  • Office buildings
  • Malls
  • Manufacturing warehouses
  • Auto-shops
  • Grocery stores
  • Rental homes/apartments

Clients use our appraisals for tax appeals, buying property, selling a property, portfolio management and more.

Our commercial valuations have a turnaround time of 10 business days. Typically the initial inspection takes place within three business days.

Accurate Appraisals USA has extensive experience in the commercial valuation industry. We have established and maintained long-standing professional rapport with a broad spectrum of clients.

Benefits and Uses of Commercial Property Appraisers

Our primary focus is your commercial report and commercial real estate consultation requirements. You need solid supportable information.
Look for a commercial appraiser with a strong background in the analysis of income-producing properties. They will be able to produce accurate appraisals for any type of commercial property or need.

There are many reasons why you would need a commercial property appraisal. They provide many benefits to different aspects of real estate and business. Consider getting an appraisal if you are entering into any of the following decisions:

Determining Estate Tax

Often an heir inherits a portion of the estate when the owner passes. When this occurs, an estate tax applies to the transferred portion. The tax can only be levied if the estate value exceeds an exclusion limit set by state law. Estate taxes do not transfer to living spouses.

You can determine if you will have to pay estate tax by getting an appraisal. The appraisal determines the value of the property. Adding on other estate assets as well as deductions will determine the final valuation.

Next, you should compare this value to the current exclusion limit. Please visit the IRS for additional information.

Estate Planning

Settling estates of the deceased is a difficult but necessary task. Determining the value of various estates requires a knowledgeable assessor. The date of the appraisal and the date of death are typically far apart. Because of this, we must use a special type of appraisal. A forensic retrospective appraisal establishes fair market value. Knowing the value of a commercial property helps to settle the overall estate.

Acquisition of Property

As a buyer, you want to get the best deal possible. Obtaining a commercial property appraisal can help determine the real value of the property you want to purchase. This information gives you an edge when it comes to negotiations.
By knowing the real value, you can negotiate a fair price from the seller.

Sometimes, the seller may want to review the appraisal with you. This can be helpful in coming to a price amicably.

Disposition of Assets

Disposition of property includes selling a company’s assets. Some companies must sell assets to cover bankruptcy debts or any other debts.
By using a commercial valuation, a business can better determine the value of their property asset. This results in more income from the disposition.

The more a company gets from disposition, the more it has to pay off debts.

Internal Decision Making

Getting a commercial estimate can affect internal decisions within a business. Having an appraisal on a property in question will help many things. You can decide whether to rent or buy the property. You can determine the value of a renovation or new construction.

Mortgage Underwriting

Getting a loan for a commercial property relies on an accurate valuation of the property. A lender takes many things into consideration when underwriting a loan.
One consideration is the Loan to Value (LTV) percentage. To calculate this, the lender needs the purchase price of the property.

A commercial appraisal must support the purchase price. If the appraisal shows a different amount, the lender will use the lower number.

Correcting Previous Appraisals

The previous appraiser may have made mistakes when assessing the property. Or new regulations may have come into place since that appraisal was completed.
Having an inaccurate appraisal could result in undervaluing or overvaluing your property. This affects property taxes, rental fees, and other issues.

Property Tax Appeals

Making sure that your property is being correctly valued by the county can result in lower property tax assessments. We have successfully helped many commercial clients with their property tax appeals.
If you feel the previous appraisal was not accurate, contact a different appraisal team to conduct a new one.

Our Commercial Appraisal Experience
Our experience covers a broad spectrum of property types. These include:

Office Buildings
Industrial Buildings
R & D Buildings
Mobile Home Parks
Residential Subdivisions

Retail Buildings and Shopping Centers
Mixed Portfolios
Same-Use Portfolios
Mixed-Use Buildings
and a Multitude of Other Property Types

Types of Commercial Appraisals

There are different types of analysis for valuation. Each company has their preferred method. Some methods depend on the asset being valued.

Cost Approach

Cost approach determines the value of a property based on how much it would cost to build the property.

Appraisers estimate the cost based on the replacement cost or the cost to construct the property. They make deductions based on external market factors, functional issues, and deterioration.

Sales Comparison

This analysis places value on a property based on the value of the others around it. Appraisers research the sales price of previously sold properties. They take this value and apply it to the property in question.

They adjust the price based on subject and comparable. This approach ties in with Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Realtors use CMA to determine the list price of a property based on the market.

Income Approach

Commercial Real Estate Appraisers use the Income Approach to value in the analysis of income-producing properties. This differs from owner-user type property appraisal.

The Commercial Appraiser might lend greater weight to the income approach as the lead value indicator. With income-producing properties, investors are looking for a financial return for their investments.

The Income Approach assumes three things relate to a property.

These include:

  • A property’s current market value
  • The expected net cash flow
  • The relative risk linked with that cash flow

One of the primary tools used in the income approach is Direct Capitalization. Value is estimated by deducting all applicable expenses from predicted gross income.

The Commercial Appraiser then arrives at the projected net income for the property. This amount is then capitalized. The rate is comparable to the risk inherent in the ownership of the property.

With each and every appraisal, regardless of type, Accurate Appraisals USA clients receive the highest quality standards. We combine this with the level of service that you would expect from a professional service company.

If you need a commercial appraisal for your business, give us a call today! We will give you a speedy and accurate valuation of your property.

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