Residential Appraisal

Our ongoing analysis of local real estate trends and formal training as licensed Residential Appraisers make us qualified to provide home appraisals throughout all of Maricopa County.

Accurate Appraisals USA also works with clients in Arizona and Phoenix. We work with any kind of residential appraisal you require.

We work for clients ranging from national mortgage companies to local and private lenders or individual businesses and consumers. Residential appraisals cover any building that houses single or multi-family units. Our specialty area lies in Maricopa County.

The property cannot be used for business. For properties that house businesses, see our Commercial Appraisal page.

There are numerous reasons a person or company may need a residential appraisal.

Outlined below you will find many of these reasons along with a brief description. Our staff has qualifications and experiences in each of these areas.

Bank Lending

This is probably the most common and well known. You need a residential appraisal when you are purchasing a home or refinancing a home.
Fannie Mae’s lender partners rely on Appraisers to provide them with thorough, accurate, and objective appraisal reports. They result in reliable opinions of market value so they can make prudent underwriting decisions.

Many people ask us if a Zillow estimate will suffice.

We have performed thousands of appraisals for lending transactions. We are up to date on the techniques and expectations of your chosen lending institution.

Lender Approved Appraisal Checklists

There are different requirements for appraisals depending on the type of loan you are getting. We’ve prepared .pdf checklists for you to download so that you can be prepared for your appraisal.

Watch our YouTube Home Appraisal Checklist Videos:

Download the appropriate appraisal checklist by clicking on one of the images below

VA Checklist free downloadable form
VA Checklist

Free FHA residential appraisal checklist
FHA Checklist

Free Conventional residential appraisal checklist
Conventional Checklist

Free Upgrade Tracking Sheet
Upgrade Tracking Sheet

Types of Residential Appraisals We Perform

There are a variety of appraisals we can perform. Below is a list of the types of appraisals and details that you might want to know about them.


These are a typical request by relocation companies. These residential appraisals require a different process from the typical Bank Lending Appraisal.
In most cases the client is seeking an opinion of an expected sales price with terms stipulated by the client. These appraisals are forward-looking.

The typical Bank Lending Appraisal seeks an opinion of value based on the date of inspection. We have extensive experience in Relocation Appraisals.

We have provided them on a wide variety of homes. We have completed the training offered through the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council.

We understand the processes necessary to apply the forecasting methodologies required for these assignment types.

Visit our relocation section.

Investment Properties

We have performed thousands of appraisals for private investors for portfolio management and budget management. These include pre-sale appraisals.

They determine the current market value used as a negotiating tool for the purchase of a property. Many investors are looking to purchase a property or repair the property and sell for a profit.

We use our experience and knowledge to determine the current and anticipated market value upon completion. This helps the investor maximize profits.

Real Estate Owned (REO) Properties

When homeowners cannot pay on their mortgage, their properties often go into foreclosure. When the properties can’t be sold at foreclosure auctions, Fannie Mae purchases them.

Purchasing these homes required the skills of Residential Appraisers. During the recession, we appraised many of thousands of properties for Fannie Mae.

We have many hours in training seminars directly from Fannie Mae. Therefore, we have an above average understanding of what the REO market is seeking.

We have the tools and knowledge to estimate the cost of damage/deferred maintenance repairs. We have also been trained to see items in a property that may become a future issue that the general public may not identify.

If you are thinking of buying an REO property, consult the appraisal of the home to determine its market value.

Divorce Proceedings

Appraisals help with divorce cases when it comes to settling estates. The appraisal tells both parties the value of the home.

Our Residential Appraisers have performed many appraisals for persons that have found themselves in a divorce situation. We understand the sensitivity of this situation and the importance of privacy.

We have processes in place to ensure confidential information does not go to an unintended party. Attorneys prefer our reports.

Our reports come with a high number of years of experience combined with our high level of education.

Bankruptcy Proceedings

We have performed residential appraisals for many individuals facing the process of Bankruptcy. We understand the emotions involved in this situation.

We take every step possible to make the process of the home valuation as smooth and painless as possible. We take the additional time to listen to the property owner.

We gain all the details about the property and explain the entire appraisal process (if they desire). Our attention to detail makes our final product exceptional in the eyes of the attorney’s and court’s involved.

We can also serve as expert witnesses in court if testimony about the value of real estate is required.
Residential Appraisers determine the value of a home or asset being used to pay off debt.

Private Sale

If you find yourself in the position of purchasing a home from a private seller without a mortgage we can perform an appraisal. This determines a current market value that can become a negotiating tool.

This can also be used for determination of a lending decision by a private investor. Private investors are referred to as a Hard Money Lender.

Land Contract/Lease Option to Ownership

Being in a position to “buy out” a contract needs critical analysis. We can perform an appraisal to determine the current market value of the property in question.

You can be confident you are making the right decision on the “buy out” price. This is particularly important if real estate market changes from the time you entered into the contract until the time that you actually “buy out” the contract.

Property Tax Appeal

If you feel your property taxes are too high or there is an error in the valuation record by the assessor we can provide a residential appraisal. Our appraisal will be compliant to present to the local assessor and or the property tax appeal board.

If you live in Maricopa County you can see your current property assessment on the Maricopa County Assessor’s website.

The Appraiser will physically measure your property. They will provide a sketch and calculations used to arrive at the final square footage.

We understand the importance of the dates involved in the valuation. We will provide market information from within those time frames.

We will also include all aspects of the property in the report and give an anticipated market value/reaction to such features.

The local tax assessor works from a Mass Appraisal Technique. They do not value your property by looking at all the details of your property individually. Specific items of your property may have been overlooked.

Estate Settlement

If you are in need of a valuation for a date of passing, we can perform a retrospective appraisal. We will provide a very detailed appraisal that will allow for an accurate representation of the property. All participants in the settlement process can use this appraisal.

IRS Tax Settlement/Donation

The IRS requests a formal valuation for the settlement of taxes. They also require a valuation for donations.

We can perform a residential appraisal for submission for these purposes. In many cases the IRS has specific forms that need to accompany the appraisal report.

We can complete these and include them in the report. We will also sign the IRS forms that may be requested for submission with the appraisal.

Insurance Date of Loss

If you are in need of a value for insurance purposes as of a date of loss (e.g. Home destroyed by fire) we have the knowledge and experience for these assignments.

We can provide a market value or an estimate of replacement cost. We are licensed insurance adjusters, therefore, we thoroughly understand the process.